The Center for Life Sciences invites all creative, self-motivated young scientists in life sciences and inter-disciplines apply for its postdoctoral fellowship.

As a pilot program of the National Plan for Education Development and Reform and an integral part of the Chinese efforts to build first-rate universities, the Center for life Sciences aims to combine excellence in research and education. The postdoc fellowship offers internationally competitive stipend for qualified candidates.

The fellowship is open for all postdoctoral fellows or qualified candidates from either Peking University or Tsinghua University (can be from any interdisciplinary lab, and NOT limited to medical school or school of life sciences). For qualified candidates, the fellowship will only be effective after the applicants being accepted by the postdoctoral programs of Peking or Tsinghua University. Potential applicants should possess strong independent research abilities, as well as academic integrities and willingness of team working. Applicants either have received a Ph.D degree within the last five years, or are expecting to receive one when he/she starts the postdoctoral program.

Application material includes: 1) a CV and a previous research summary; 2) a postdoctoral research plan; 3) a recommendation letter from the intended postdoctoral advisor from either Peking University or Tsinghua University; 4) two other reference letters; 5) PDF files of previous representative publications.

Applications are accepted all year round, and will be reviewed about every quarter of a year, generally around Peking University’s official postdoctoral admission time. For those whose advisors are in Peking University, please submit applications to Ms. Siyuan Gong ( For questions, please call 62759647.

All candidates intended for the fellowship 2012’s first quarter review, please submit materials before March 4th, 2012.

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