Research Area:

As an emerging yet interdisciplinary field, bioimaging is revolutionizing biological and medical research. Trained as a general chemist, I have been approaching this field from a molecular aspect. We endeavor to develop novel small-molecular, macro-molecular and bio-molecular imaging probes by integrating the essence of chemical synthesis, spectroscopy, polymer chemistry and chemical biology. The molecular probes would be applied as advanced technologies to various fields including biophysics, cell biology, physiology and finally inspire drug discovery. Our research philosophy features: 1. Based on chemical principles, we customize tailored molecules as enabling solutions. 2. The platforms of CLS and IMM offer unique opportunities to bring modern molecular tools to the frontier of biological sciences and medicine. 3. The training in chemistry and biotechnology, the cross-disciplinary experience and the problem-solving mindset would wishfully broaden the career path of trainees.

PI: Zhixing Chen


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Selected Publications:(8)
1. Chen, Z.; Mercer, J. A. M.; Zhu, X.; Romaniuk, J. A. H.; Pfattner, R.; Cegelski, L.; Martinez, T. J.; Burns, N. Z.; Xia, Y. Mechanochemical unzipping of insulating polyladderene to semiconducting polyacetylene. Science 2017, 357, 475-479 [Front Cover].
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3. Chen, Z.; Paley, D. W.; Wei, L.; Weisman, A. L.; Friesner, R. A.; Nuckolls, C.; Min, W. Multicolor Live-Cell Chemical Imaging by Isotopically Edited Alkyne Vibrational Palette. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 8027–8033.
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