Recent studies revealed that a large fraction of animal genome is transcribed, but only a very small fraction of these transcripts encode proteins. Our research will focus on the biological function of noncoding sequences including untranslated regions of mRNAs (UTRs), small and large noncoding RNAs, and their regulators such as RNA binding proteins, in the context of stem cell biology and cancer biology. These studies will lead to the discovery of novel therapeutic targets to advance regenerative medicine and cancer therapy.
Lab members:
Co-PI: one position available, contact Yangming if interested
Postdoctoral fellow: positions available, contact Yangming if interested
Technician: Yixia Wu, Wei Lu, Huaibin Su, Yunlong Wang
Graduate students: Yapu Li, Wenting Guo, Xinxin Zhang, Yuelong Yan, Shaohua Wang, Ying Yan, Xi Yang
Undergraduate students: Qianwen Wang, Kaili Gu, Daren Wu
Address: Room 231, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
Phone: 86-10-62766945