Research direction:
Recently, the progresses in stem cell research and somatic reprogramming techniques make it possible to obtain autologous functional cell types, such as cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes, pancreatic beta cells and neurons, for tissue repair and regeneration. Thus, the “regenerative medicine” strategy provides new solutions and new hope to cure many series diseases and degenerative diseases, such as myocardial infarction, liver failure, diabetes and Alzheimer’s diseases.  

Our lab studies the mechanism of cell fate regulation and develops new techniques on cell fate reprogramming. On one hand, we will study the molecular mechanism of cell fate maintenance and reprogramming based on our recently established chemical reprogramming systems. On the other hand, we will develop new chemical reprogramming systems with clinical application potential. The major goal is to achieve in vivo regeneration of functional cell types of cardiovascular system and metabolic system, such as cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes, providing “regenerative medicine” solutions to cure cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases.  

Lab members:

Principle investigator: Yang Zhao PhD    Email: 

Post Doc.:Jun Cai PhD

Graduate Students:

    Hong Zhao

    Zhenghao Yang

    Yunfei Bai

    Xiaochun Yang

    Chunyan Yang

    Yanmeng Tao 

Undergraduate students:

    Cheng Li

    Xueping Zhang 

Administration assitant:Dianhong Tang 


    Room #207 Wangkezhen building,

    Haidian Road #52,

    Haidian District,

    Beijing, China, 100871