Our research is focused on the study of important biological functions (such as cell growth, secretion and apoptosis) and pathophysiological changes of vascular cells and their molecular mechanisms. Research tools include primary culture cells (in vitro), isolated vessels (ex vivo) and gene knockout mice (in vivo). Currently, we have following major directions: 1) Signal transduction in vascular cells; 2) Molecular mechanism underlying tumor-related angiogenesis and the tumorigenesis of angioma; 3) Lipin1-mediated intracellular signaling in adipocyte and hepatocyte, and intercellular signaling between adipocyte and skeletal muscle cell.
Lab members:
PI:  Jincai Luo, M.D., Ph.D.
E-mail: jincailuo@ gmail.com, jincailuo@pku.edu.cn
Tel & Fax: 86-10-62750922 

Technician/co-PI: Yingqing Huo (yqhuo001@ gmail.com);

Graduate students: 

Xiaofan Han (hxf19871026@pku.edu.cn)
Guoqin Wei (weiguoqin@pku.edu.cn)
Pin Li (lipin@pku.edu.cn)
Qiuping Deng (qiupingdeng@pku.edu.cn)
Xueting Hu (huxueting2013@pku.edu.cn)
Xuya Kang (kangxuya2014@pku.edu.cn)
Zhenghao Yang (yangzhenghao92@126.com)
Tubao He (andyhetubao@bjfu.edu.cn)

Address: Room 234, New Life Sciences Building, Peking University
Phone & Fax:86-10-6275-0915 (Tel); 86-10-62750922 (Fax)