The objective of laboratory is to integrate developmental biology and organ regeneration towards the understanding and treatment of human heart diseases. The lab has made several important contributions to our understanding of molecular mechanisms on vascular development through identifying Vezf1 and Lycat in zebrafish and mice. They isolated a panel of cardiacvascular mutants using ethylnitrosourea-induced mutagenesis of the zebrafish genome, and determined the genetic and physical mapping of the zebrafish cloche locus. Their work led to isolating Lycat as a strong candidate gene for cloche locus, a classical genetic mutant lacking both blood cells and vessels. They are currently working on 1) studying heart regeneration using zebrafish, mice, and rat models. Empowered by molecular imaging, transcriptome, and genetics of zebrafish, the lab has gained novel insights into the molecular mechanisms such as the hydrogen peroxide signaling on heart regeneration. They are actively working on how terminally differentiated cardiomyocytes respond to injury and gain proliferative potential during the course of this remarkable heart regeneration in zebrafish. They then plan to improve mammalian heart regeneration and repair based on the regenerative genes/pathways they identified in zebrafish; 2) how the mesoderm differentiates into endothelial and hematopoietic lineages by analyzing Lycat and its targeted genes; and 3) molecular and genetic analyses of cardiovascular and hemorrhagic mutants in zebrafish, including genetic and chemical genetic analysis of talin1, scotch tape, fn40a mutants, etc.
Lab members:
Jing-Wei Xiong, Ph.D.
Co-PIXiao-Jun Zhu
Research Assistants: Chengjia Bao and Jingsheng Lv
Graduate students: Ran Yang, Nannan Chang, Jupeng Diao, Xiaohai Zhou, Tong Qin, Xueying Wu, Lu Gao, Qingchao Zhou, Meijun Pang, Haoxian Wang, and Shengnan Huang
Postdoctoral Fellows: Drs. Qing Wu, Chenglu Xiao, and Lei Lei

Laboratory Address: New Life Sciences Building. Room 238, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China
Telephone: 86-10-62756221