The Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM) is an autonomous research and educational institute at Peking University (PKU), focusing on basic and translational study of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Inaugurated in 2005, IMM has now blossomed into an international and leading research institute in cardiovascular science, demonstrated by its excellent track record of scientific discoveries, public service, and training of future leaders in biomedicine and biotechnology.

Located by Wei-Ming Lake and Bo-Ya Tower, IMM houses twelve interdisciplinary laboratories and several comprehensive core technology facilities including a world-class non human primate (NHP) research/translational center. IMM always values challenging and longer-term research initiatives, deep collaboration and cross-pollination, and innovation through integration. IMM is also forging strategic partnerships with national and international institutions for research collaboration, M.D./Ph.D. and postdoctoral training, and the development of large-scale basic, pre-clinical, and clinical research programs.

In the next phase (2011-2015) IMM will expand to up to 25 laboratories or research centers with complementary areas of excellence to create synergy and critical mass for cutting-edge research. This young institute aims high in creating an innovation-fostering environment, and solving important problems in biology and human disease.