Qi Ma 阅读次数:

Qi Ma, Ph.D.

Assistant Investigator


Room 339E, Yingjie Center

Peking University,

Beijing 100871, China

Phone: (86)10-6275-7095


Dr. Qi Ma graduated from Peking University in 2006 and then received his Ph.D. degree in 2011 from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He then joined Dr. Wallace’s lab as a post-doctoral fellow at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania. From March of 2013, he worked in the Institute of Molecular Medicine at Peking University. His current research is focused on: 1. The function of mitochondrial proteins and proteome; 2. Mitochondrial flashes and the downstream signaling pathways; 3. The study of mitochondrial diseases by animal model.

Selected Publications:

1. Ma Q*, Liu L, Chen Q. Reactive Oxygen Species, Mitochondrial Permeability Transition and apoptosis. Acta Biophysica Sinica. 2012;28(7):523-536. (* corresponding author)

2. Ni B, Ma Q*, Li B, Zhao L, Liu Y, Zhu Y, Chen Q. Phenylarsine oxide induces apoptosis in bax- and bak-deficient cells through upregulation of bim. Clinical Cancer Ressarch. 2012;18(1):140-151. (* co-first author)

3. Liu L, Feng D, Chen G, Chen M, Zheng Q, Song P, Ma Q, Zhu C, Wang R, Qi W, Huang L, Xue P, Li B, Wang X, Jin H, Wang J, Yang F, Liu P, Zhu Y, Sui S, Chen Q. Mitochondrial outer-membrane protein fundc1 mediates hypoxia-induced mitophagy in mammalian cells. Nature Cell Biology. 2012;14(2):177-185.

4. Ma Q, Fang H, Shang W, Liu L, Xu Z, Ye T, Wang X, Zheng M, Chen Q, Cheng H. Superoxide flashes: Early mitochondrial signals for oxidative stress-induced apoptosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2011;286(31):27573-27581.

5. Zhu Y, Lu T, Wang R, Huang L, Ma Q, Zhao L, Gao P, Lei X, Ni B, Lin J, Hao X, Chen Q. Functional conversion of Bcl-2 into a pro-apoptotic molecule to regulate mitochondrial cytochrome c release. Chinese Bulletin of Life Sciences. 2011;23(11):1076-1080

6. Zhao X, Liu Y, Ma Q, Wang X, Jin H, Mehrpour M, Chen Q. Caveolin-1 negatively regulates trail-induced apoptosis in human hepatocarcinoma cells. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 2009;378:21-26

7. Nan B, Zhou Y, Liang Y, Wen J, Ma Q, Zhang S, Wang Y, Su X. Purification and preliminary x-ray crystallographic analysis of the ligand-binding domain of sinorhizobium meliloti dctb. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. 2006;1764:839-841